Client Feedback

“The HUREL® co-culture can be applied to accurately estimate intrinsic clearance of slowly metabolized drugs and is now utilized as a standard method for in vivo clearance predictions of such compounds in-house.”

–  AstraZeneca, Molecular Pharmaceutics

“In our studies evaluating four low-turnover drugs, the HUREL® co-culture model generated a more robust metabolite profile over seven days than was observed following incubation using hepatocyte suspension.”

–   Q2 Solutions, Drug Metabolism & Disposition

“Our transcriptomic analysis demonstrates that primary hepatocytes cultured in the HUREL® model maintain a mature hepatic phenotype for up to 28 days in 384-well format and…highlights the platform’s suitability for high-throughput drug testing.

–   Princeton University, Hepatology

“We continue to be totally satisfied with HUREL® products. Thank you for your scientific assistance.” 

–   Study Director, Covance/Labcorp

HUREL® is the leader and everybody around here knows that.”

–   Worldwide Director, GSK